The Problem
IT Organizations face many serious challenges:

The complexity of Software Enterprise License Agreements & Negotiation
Undocumented Supplier Relationships & Agreement Management
Decentralized Procurement in Business Units
Hidden Operational Inefficiencies
Attrition Among Employees/Reassignment
Projects Interrupted
Loss of Software Tracking Leading to Compliance Issues
Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Approach
BluChip Procurement can work with you to design a subscription service that meets your exact requirements. The service would include category planning, technology review, and projects to capture the savings opportunities.

Many of the National Procurement Consulting Firms have similar offerings. When you dig into these, you will find that their expertise is largely theoretical. BluChip Procurement brings decades of practical experience to facilitate expert negotiations.

The Solution
BluChip Procurement provides insights to ensure the best pricing and terms. Our Procurement as a Service (PraaS) performs detailed spend analytics that highlights improvement opportunities. This service, along with an annual technology review, coordinates the technology plan with the procurement plan. When IT and procurement have the same goals, everyone wins.