Our Core Values

We use our Core Values every day, whether we are speaking to our clients, communicating with our employees or deciding on what is the best approach with solving problems. These values are at the heart of what makes BluChip best in class.

Customer First

The mistake many companies make is not realizing that great customer service is of the utmost importance when it comes to growing our business. BluChip recognizes that our success depends on being the best of the best at all times. Happy BluChip customers = Happy BluChip Employees


BluChip is always looking for ways to better. Innovation means we are always looking for ways to serve our customers in inventive ways. Innovation also means we are looking for ways to simplify.

Talent & Commitment

We cannot win on talent alone! How many times have we seen someone with all the talent in the world but lack commitment? We hire only the most talented and committed stars. Commitment to themselves on getting better, committed to our customers and committed to BluChip.

Measured Performance

Capturing metrics and staying connected to the details. Holding each of our employees to a higher standard and asking the question “How can we do better”


Although we are not perfect, we should demand we always strive for perfection. Customers expect results and we must rise and never settle.