We are a team of tenured procurement officers with a network of CIOs, CTOs, EVPs, Sales VPs, and Legal Experts. Our combined experience in Procurement, IT Executive leadership, and IT Sales leadership gives BluChip Procurement a Unique value proposition for the negotiation of IT agreements. We have managed nearly $3B in Technology Agreements including Oracle, Microsoft, and Dell/EMC contracts, and countless other technology procurement projects.

BluChip Procurement came about from the necessity of companies to focus on their core strategic information technology strategy, and bring in experts to handle the strategic and tactical procurement activities in support of IT executive leadership.

BluChip Procurement provides insights to ensure the best pricing and terms. Our Procurement as a Service (PraaS) performs detailed spend analytics that highlights improvement opportunities. This service, along with an annual technology review, coordinates the technology plan with the procurement plan. When IT and procurement have the same goals, everyone wins.