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Measure, Certify and Promote Your Skills


Measure, Certify and Promote Your Skills

BluChip Solutions has partnered with Brainbench to help members across the country advance their careers in finding better career opportunities, more interesting work, and more earning potential.

Brainbench Makes it Easy to Get Ahead

Brainbench tests may be taken anytime, anywhere online. Easily build and maintain your electronic transcript. Share your certification results with employers and see where you stand.
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World's Most Extensive Testing Resource at your Fingertips

Brainbench provides the most extensive skills measurement, certification, and improvement resources available on the Web today. Brainbench assessments enable members to earn certifications in more than 600 of today's leading skills, and new subjects are being added constantly.
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Value: Prove your Skills to Increase your Income

Since Brainbench tests are online, we can provide high-quality certifications at a rate lower than most other entities. Along with having a great selection of FREE tests, each paid test is only $49.95. Members find an even better value with a Subscription Plan giving them unlimited access to all 600+ tests for only $199.
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Quality: Brainbench Certifications are Recognized Worldwide

Brainbench Certifications are developed, validated and reviewed by professionals in each area being certified. As we like to say, they are "Test developed for professionals, by professionals." Utilizing Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology, each test-taker is administered a different set of test questions enhancing the test's security.
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